Many of us are busy thinking about all the summer fun we are getting ready to have, but I am pretty sure many of us don’t think about potential summer plumbing problems. Especially with summer being home buying season our plumber in Mokena is here to offer you a few tips to avoid future headaches!

Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Check around the base of the toilet for signs of water damage (rolled vinyl, black or white stains, etc).

Check for a “soft floor” by straddling over the toilet and rocking back and forth on each foot. If the floor feels spongy it is probably weakened or rotting.

Check to see how fast the toilet flushes

Check for loose of leaky tiles by pressing on the wall where they come into contact with the bathtub. If the walls are soft water may have gathered behind the tiles.

Provide a trash can in the bathroom so people won’t be tempted to flush items that are likely to clog the toilet.

Water Supply Piping

Turn the water on in the bathtub and kitchen sink. If there is a noticeable reduction in water volume the piping in the house may need to be replaced due to calcium and mineral buildup.

If the home has a basement check exposed pipes for any signs of leaking

Find the main line and make sure it is accessible.

Water Heater Plumbing Tips

Check the date of the water heater. The first four numbers of the serial number are the date and year it was purchased. Replace if older than 15 years.

A rusty water tank is a sign of pending problems.

If you find no signs of future problems you are in the clear for these areas. Part two of this blog will address other areas to inspect to be on your way to summer fun!

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