You’ve just finished a delicious dinner with your family and are busy washing dishes and loading your dishwasher. You turn on the disposal to clear the sink of any scraps or debris, and then turn on your dishwasher for the evening. After a few minutes, when you’re sitting down, enjoying conversation with your family, you hear a terrible noise. You run into the kitchen to find that your sink is overflowing and your dishwasher is making a racket. Your drain line from your dishwasher to your disposal could be clogged, or your disposal could be backed up; whatever the case may be, the first thing to do is call RJ Graham Plumbing for professional drain cleaning in Mokena.

Our expert technicians can check for any problems in your dishwasher and disposal, and see if drain clogs or buildup are the causes of the problem. It’s important to always hire a professional to look at your garbage disposal, since even the slightest miscalculation on your part can result in serious personal injury. If we determine that a larger problem is behind the issue, we’ll work to unclog it as soon as possible. It can also be beneficial to schedule regular maintenance on your drains and disposals, to make sure they stay in top working order.

Whenever you need experienced plumbing service or drain cleaning in Mokena, make the call to RJ Graham. We always come prepared for anything, and won’t leave until you’re satisfied that the problem has been remedied. Contact us today and we’ll get to work for you!