You’ve arrived home after a long day of holiday shopping and school activities, and are looking forward to giving your kids their bath and getting them ready for bed. You finish their bath time, pick them up to dry them off, and pull the plug on the drain, only to have the bathwater stay right where it is. Your evening quickly turns into a headache as you realize that the bathtub drain is clogged. At RJ Graham Plumbing, we don’t want you have headaches this holiday season. Our drain cleaning in Mokena can take care of any clogs and blockages that may be causing your tubs and sinks to retain water.

In most tubs, the reason the water won’t drain properly is the build up of soap scum and debris, such as hair that is shed as you shower or bathe. The experts at RJ Graham will bring the proper tools and expertise into your bathroom and remove whatever clog or obstruction is causing the water to drain slowly or not at all. If you want to keep hair from findings its way into your drain, a simple and affordable hair catcher can be found at most hardware or department stores.

Whatever the reason is behind the clog, the team at RJ Graham Plumbing will find it and remedy it. Our drain cleaning in Mokena and the Chicagoland area is designed to keep the water flowing smoothly through your home’s pipes. If your master or guest bathroom is having issues, give us a call today at 708-743-7426.