With the temperatures hovering around the mid 30s over the next few weeks, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep warm. You’ve taken your winter clothes out for the season and you start your car a few minutes before you leave, just so it’s warm when you get in to go to work. Why then would you want to take a cold shower to start your day? At RJ Graham Plumbing, we’ve encountered many outdated and inefficient water heaters, so if it’s time to upgrade your appliance, we can handle your hot water heater installation in Mokena and the surrounding area.

An inefficient water heater can increase your monthly energy bills and in the winter months, those can be high enough already. With a traditional water heater, the tank is always full and when you turn on the tap, it takes a minute for that water to heat up. With a new hot water heater in Mokena from RJ Graham Plumbing, you can enjoy hot water instantly throughout your home. Whether you’re taking a shower after shoveling snow, or washing dishes following a holiday meal, you’ll have adequate hot water for each task.

We’ve spoken before on the benefits of turning down your water heater, but if you’ve decreased the temperature and are still seeing increases in your energy bill, call RJ Graham today. You should never take a chance when it comes to your water heater. Let us know today how we can help keep you warm this holiday season.