Basements provide storage for many things, including your precious belongings such as family albums, heirlooms, and valuable antiques. If you have a trunk or a chair that belonged to your great-grandmother, you want to keep it and pass it along to your children, but if it gets damaged by water, it may be necessary to discard it. If you want to protect your belongings that are stored in your basement, call RJ Graham Plumbing for sump pump installation in Mokena today.

With our professional sump pump set up and installation, you can keep water away from your heirlooms and antiques. Some families choose to store those kinds of things in their attic, but not every home has an attic space, so the basement is the only option. You keep your belongings organized, and hopefully in waterproof containers such as plastic totes and tubs, but you can never predict exactly how much water will find its way into your basement. With a properly-installed sump pump, water will be removed from your home before it can pose a serious threat. It’s also a good idea to store your precious belongings on shelves and in storage lockers that are raised at least a few inches off of your basement floor.

There’s nothing worse than finding a piece of furniture or a photo album that has memories tied to it damaged by water. The team at RJ Graham Plumbing wants to keep you from ever facing that situation, so when you need sump pump installation in Mokena, please contact us right away.