Have you noticed that your drainage system has started to slow down or have you heard a troublesome gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl? If so, it may be time to act. A clogged sewer line creates huge problems with your plumbing requiring repair by you plumber in Mokena. Tree roots are usually the main cause when it comes to sewer line damage with thousands of feet of roots constantly competing for moisture and finding it in your sewer line. Older pipes are most affected but tree roots can break through concrete and PVC pipes as well. In addition to root damage, a broken or clogged sewer line can happen in a number of ways. Objects find their way into the line and become wedged. Extreme temperature changes and general deterioration over time can cause sewer problems. There are two approaches to sewer repair.

Video Sewer Inspection

If you don’t want to go to the expense of exploratory plumbing or digging up your yard this is the process that will use a miniature camera to find out exactly where the problem is. It can also confirm the structural condition of the pipes and the extent of the repairs needed.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Previously, sewer problems usually meant digging on a large scale, with serious yard repairs needed once the sewer line repair was completed. This type of repair is a faster and a more friendly option for your landscape.

Don’t wait to get your sewer line checked. Our experts make it easier than ever to take care of your repairs and get on with your life.

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