Unfortunately, basement flooding is a more common occurrence than you might think, often with devastating effects. The number one reason for basement flooding is due to a sump pump failure. A typical home’s sump pump system failing is not a matter of if it will but more likely when it will. There are several reasons why sump pumps fail which leads to extensive flooding and damage.

  • Excess wear and tear on the primary pump which can burn out a light duty motor (commonly installed in new homes)
  • Switch failure
  • Power outage
  • Insufficient pumping capacity which prevents the pump from keeping up with the amount of water.
  • A partially or completely depleted battery because of insufficient stored power from the battery.

Our experienced plumber in Mokena can make recommendations for the best backup sump pump and inspect your current primary sump pump. Installing a battery backup system can create a safety net during a storm. It can provide both pumping capability during an outage or in the event the primary pump quits working for whatever reason. It can also assist the primary pump which is pumping but unable to keep up with the water flow. Don’t take the risk of potential flooding by leaving it to chance with your primary pump when it is so easy to protect your belongings. For remaining questions or follow up questions don’t hesitate to call the experts and experience peace of mind and top not customer service with a smile. We guarantee that someday down the road you will thank us for a dry basement!