Why You Should Turn Down Your Hot Water Heater in Mokena

Now that the school year is about to start once again, many families are cringing at the rise in their utility bill. That is because suddenly everyone is trying to take their shower in the morning before school and work starts. Are you looking for a way to cut costs on your energy bill? Have you considered turning down your hot water heater in Mokena? Most hot water heaters are set to 140° F, this is generally the default setting on most models, but your hot water heater should be set to 120°F.

How do you know if you need to turn your hot water heater down? There is a simple test. All you have to do is put your shower on all the way hot and wait a few seconds. If the water is too hot for you to put your hand in it, then you need to turn down your hot water heater. By setting your hot water heater to 120°, you can save up to 6-10% on your monthly energy bill, and you will still be safe from the bacteria that can grow in a water heater that isn’t hot enough.

With everyone in your home showering every morning, you may be looking for great ways to cut your utility costs. The easiest way to do this is by setting your water heater’s temperature to 120°. You will never want to take a 140° shower anyway! If your hot water heater in Mokena isn’t working properly, please contact our experienced plumber right away.