With rain and snow in the forecast over the next few days, citizens of Mokena will be keeping an eye on the water runoff from their home. If you’ve noticed that your gutters and downspouts aren’t doing a good enough job of taking water away from your foundation, you could be facing one the worst situations a homeowner can face – water in your basement. Improperly sealed or cracked foundations can let moisture in through several points, and if you go downstairs to find that your basement has become a swimming pool, call RJ Graham Plumbing for sump pump installation in Mokena.

Once the water has been drained and pumped out of your basement, we’ll get to work on installing your new sump pump. You’ll also want to call in a mold and mildew remediation expert to assess the amount of damage the water has caused to your basement, since bacteria can begin to grow very quickly after a flood. We’ll make sure your sump pump is in the proper location, so if water ever does find its way into your basement again, it will be expelled quickly and safely. We offer several different models of sump pumps, and will recommend the right one for your home.

Don’t let the rain and snow this winter stress you out and cause you to worry about water in your basement. Call RJ Graham Plumbing today for sump pump installation in Mokena and we’ll ensure that your basement stays dry and safe all year round.