Drain Cleaning

Professional and Effective Drain Cleaning in Chicagoland

While a clogged drain may seem like a minor issue, blockages could be a symptom of a larger underlying problem. Choosing a reliable and honest plumber to assess the situation could save you from major damage. Our licensed professionals can provide a permanent solution because we know how to properly diagnose drain clogs and tackle even the toughest blockages safely and effectively.

Benefits of Our Professional Drain Cleaning:

Expert Drain Cleaning Service in Chicagoland

Let us reduce your stress. We recommend avoiding trying to fix plumbing problems on your own. You run the risk of damaging your pipes and causing further problems. Save yourself time and money by calling one of our reliable drain cleaning technicians. 

 We guarantee the highest-quality work and pride ourselves on delivering the fast, reliable service you deserve. 

As a locally owned and operated company, we appreciate your business which is why we will always provide personalized service on every job.

Tips On How To Avoid Drain Blockages

Drain clogs and overflows are frustrating but can also cause water damage. When you experience slow or clogged drains, avoid using home remedies, liquid drain cleaners, and even plungers. 

DIY repairs often lead to more damage, as drain cleaning products are corrosive to drain pipes, and plungers can weaken or break toilet seals if used with too much force.


The most common cause of blocked kitchen drains is grease buildup and food particles. The organic material can build up along the inside of the pipe slowly closing off drain flow leading to overflows. It can also damage the pipe over time. Avoid putting any cooking oils into the line and use garbage disposals sparingly.

Bathroom sink, shower, and tub clogs are common from soap products and hair in the line. Avoid grooming over bathroom sinks and ensure a strainer is installed in showers and tubs to catch hair before it enters the drain.

The most common clog in toilets comes from non-flushable items in the drain. Only toilet paper should be used in toilet lines, but our professional snaking can clear both minor and major clogs. If the toilet and other drains are backing up, it is a clear indication of a larger issue in the main sewer line.

We have the professional grade tools to take care of your clogs promptly and efficiently. If we find a larger problem after a thorough assessment of your system, we will focus on repairing the issue to get your plumbing back in working order as quickly as possible.

When we arrive at your home, we are prepared for everything and deliver the highest-quality and most professional service available.

Trust the professional team at R.J. Graham Plumbing, Inc. We specialize in professional drain cleaning in Chicagoland.