Fast and Reliable Repair for Gas Piping in Mokena

Last month in Harlem there was a tremendous explosion that cost 8 people their lives and injured many more. The reason for this devastating explosion? A gas leak. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous and unfortunately they happen all too often. Although gas is invisible and normally odorless, there is one common way in which you can tell if you have a gas leak. An odorant is added to gas to give it a very distinct smell of sulfur or rotten eggs.

If you come home to that sulfur smell it is absolutely essential that you get out of your house as soon as possible, call 911 and then call a plumber. Being exposed to so much carbon monoxide can kill you incredibly quickly, so you need to get out of your home right away if you smell it or if you start to feel inexplicably dizzy, breathless, or nauseous.

A broken gas pipe can be incredibly dangerous to fix on your own, so you should NEVER attempt it. A leaking gas pipe can easily lead to an explosion, and in order to minimize your risk it is important to get a professional to your house as quickly as you can.

At RJ Graham Plumbing we offer fast and reliable repair for gas piping in Mokena. Our experts are equipped with extensive training and experience, and we are dedicated to being there when you need us. We are fully insured, bonded, and licensed, and we are your source all plumbing service in Mokena, both big and small.