Keep Everything Flowing with Your Plumber in Mokena

Your bathroom is a special place in your home; you spend time in there getting ready for the day, as well as ending your day before you go to bed. It’s where you shower, bathe, and refresh yourself before taking on life. The last thing you want is a toilet that won’t flush, or the smell of sewage finding its way into your bathroom. As your plumber in Mokena, RJ Graham can help rid your home of that unwanted sewage smell.

With the installation of an ejector pump in your home, the sewage that isn’t discharged by gravity will be quickly moved through your pipes. We’ve installed and repaired numerous ejector pumps in the Mokena area, so if your home already has one, we can check to make sure it’s working properly, and if you don’t have one, but think you need one, we’ll install one quickly and accurately. We offer great prices on several types of ejector pumps and after talking with you, we’ll help you decide which model is best for your bathroom.

Keep your bathroom the serene place that you want it to be by calling your plumber in Mokena today. We can help safeguard your toilet against backup and clogs, keeping your waste and sewage where it should be – in the pipes on its way to the city sewers. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so if a major issue arises, call us at 708-743-7426 and we’ll be there to bring everything back to order in your home.